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Payment FAQ
  1. Is this site safe and secure?
    All payemnts are processed through Paypal, the most trusted online payment processor! never asks for your credit card details or any sensitive data.

  2. At what time of the day (or night) should I purchase?
    Anytime! is fully automated and you can purchase and download ebooks anytime throughout the year! Once you make the payment, you can download the ebooks within a few minutes. There is no waiting!

  3. How much time it may take to process and approve the payment?
    Usually the payment will be approved immediately and you will find our "Thank You" page with download links.

  4. Are there any hidden fees?
    No. Except for the price you find on our site and the taxes (if any) on the Paypal payment page, there will not be any other fees.

  5. The payment page is not accepting my credit card or debit card. What should I do?
    Please try again after a few minutes or try to contact Paypal. If it still doesn't work, please email to admin @

  6. Will there be any Taxes?
    It depends on the place you live. If there are any taxes, it will be shown in the Paypal payment page.

  7. If I purchase something from, will I be billed with monthly or yearly recurring payments?
    No. You only pay once to buy an ebook.There won't be any monthly or yearly recurring payments.

  8. Shall I purchase one ebook at a time or many ebooks?
    You can make use of the shopping cart and add as many ebooks as you wish. You can pay the total amount and in our "Thank you" page, you can find the download links of all the ebooks you purchased.

General FAQ
  1. Why should I purchase ebooks from you when there are many other ebook download sites?
    We have partnered with ebook authors and distributors to provide ebooks at low prices. We provide valuable bonuses with each purchase and also offer 30 days money-back and satisfaction guarantee.

  2. How much time it may take to download an eBook?
    eBooks are generally below 1MB file size unless they have many graphics. So, they will generally load in a few seconds depending on your internet connection speed. For example, if your internet connection speed is 2 MBPS (mega bytes per second), an ebook may download in just a few seconds.

  3. Which software do I need to read the ebooks?
    Any free PDF reader such as adobe acrobat reader or foxit pdf reader is needed to read the ebooks. In most of the computers, ebook devices, mobile phones, some PDF reader will be installed by default!

  4. Can you send ebooks to my email id?
    Yes. After payment, please email to admin @ and we will send the ebooks to your email id as attachments.

  5. Will there be any viruses, trojans or any other harmful software included with the ebooks?
    No, ebooks are just PDF files and no other software will be included. If you still have any doubt, you can scan with any antivirus software.

  6. Do I need any ebook reader to read the ebooks?
    You can read ebooks on your computer and many other handheld devices including mobile phones if they have pdf reader software installed! Most of them have some pdf reader software installed by default!

  7. After purchasing and downloading ebooks from, can I sell them to others?
    Unless it is mentioned in the ebook or resell rights passed on to you, you should not sell them to others.

  8. Can I print the ebooks for reading later?
    Most of the ebooks allow you to print it's pages for personal use. Unless it is clearly stated inside the ebook not to print it's pages, you may print the pages of the ebook for easy reading and personal use.

If you have any other queries, please contact us using the contact form below or email to admin @ >Frequently Asked Questions