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Ezine Marketing Magic : PDF eBook

Ezine Marketing Magic

PDF eBook File Type : PDF eBook
Pages : 152
Language : English
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"Here's How You Can Start Making Serious Money Right Away By Creating A Simple Little Ezine That Practically 'Forces' Your Customers To Whip Out Their Wallet and Buy Whatever You're Offering!"

Now You Can Easily Earn A Lot Of Money With Your Very Own Publications, Once You Know These Secrets...

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

If you're serious about marketing online, you've probably investigated many methods of increasing your site's popularity. I know that several years ago, when I was first starting out, I did.

You've probably looked into all of the 'normal' methods:

Now, these are all good, but it wasn't until later that I discovered a method that beat the others hands down, and cost much less!

A method that has helped drive literally thousands of visitors to my sites on a daily basis, and the numbers keep rising. I discovered the value of Ezines as a marketing tool, and they have become vital to my own online success.

After years of running several extremely profitable Ezines, I decided to share with others some of the secrets that I have learned from my own trials, research, and experience. After all, the best teachers are those who have succeeded themselves, and I want to help you learn from my own success.

In "Ezine Marketing Magic", You'll gain privileged access to hard won knowledge that I've gained through several years of publishing my own highly successful newsletters. I won't waste your time with hype, or try to sell you anything in it. Instead, you will find it filled with factual information that you can use, to create your own highly successful newsletter or Ezine (or to write for others).

Ezines Online Are Growing At An Astonishing Rate!

People are eager to learn about topics of interest to them, and Ezine subscriptions have now surpassed magazine subscriptions today. In fact, they are the magazines of the online world today, delivered conveniently to subscriber's email boxes. Best of all, Ezines can:

Ezines are the most effective marketing tool available today for online businesses. I can vouch for this, since my own Ezines have boosted traffic significantly to my own sites and the traffic keeps increasing each week.

In "Ezine Marketing Magic", I'll share with you how to:

You'll Also Discover How To Write (Or Even Get Others To Write!), Publish, And Promote Your Own Online Ezine.

You'll learn why:

You May Be Thinking, "But I've Never Published Anything, And I'm Not Sure If I Can Do This"

That's why I've designed "Ezine Marketing Magic" to literally mentor you through each step of the process. I know that when I was starting out. I wish someone had taken the time to teach me what they knew. Someone with real life, creditable experience, who was a verified success. Those were the people I wanted to learn from.

Well, I've succeeded, and I'm sharing with you, as an online mentor, the secrets that have caused my own subscriptions to skyrocket.

I'll Teach You The Secrets Of Publishing Success, Including:

You'll Learn How To Earn Thousands, Through Selling Ads In The Very Ezine That Promotes Your Business!

While the real purpose of publishing an Ezine is to grow your email list, there's another benefit as well: you can earn income from selling advertising in it. Did you know that in the more popular Ezines, ad space goes for hundreds of dollars? For placement in each issue?

You'll discover how to get people to place ads that will earn you income in every issue of your Ezine. You'll earn money, as others read your Ezine, and your brand identity gets established in their minds with each publication. I'll even show you how to get them to send issues to their friends, and get the word out to others.

As your subscription base starts growing, others will be eager to place their ads. First, you will have established a network of targeted clients, who have indicated that they are interested in the topic that your Ezine addresses.

Those who sell related services will pay money good money to have their ad included in your Ezine if you know how to do this the right way. Thats key, and Ill teach you how its done, including:

Ezines Are The Best Kept Secret In The Online World!

When you have Ezine subscribers, they are asking you to market your services, your knowledge, your expertise to them on a regular basis. It's as if they are saying, "Please market to me, as long as you share good articles that I can learn from as well."

You'll enjoy other benefits of publishing your very own Ezine, including:

I even give you a sample template in my eBook, that you can modify and use for yourself. It has all the elements in all the right places. Just cut and paste, put in your content, and your Ezine will look professional.

I also include a sample welcome letter to greet new subscribers. I wanted you to see exactly how its done with these concrete examples. Again, just add your name and your Ezine title to it, and you have a letter ready to send out!

In "Ezine Marketing Magic," I'll Show You:

I went all out in this eBook to help ensure your success. This is why I teach you not only the basics of publishing your only highly successful Ezine, I take you through advanced tips and methods that the pros use.

You'll Learn Secrets That Successful Ezine Publishers (Including Me!) Use, Such As:

By ordering "Ezine Marketing Magic," you'll learn the secrets that the real pros use to keep subscribers coming back time and again.

I'll teach you how to identify your audience (your readership), and how to effectively target your Ezine to reach them. Ezines are growing online, and people are eager to subscribe to them, and even to pay to subscribe, IF you give them the information that they are asking for.

I'll discuss how to discover what they really want to know, and provide it. Within just a few months, you'll be earning income directly from your Ezine subscriptions, as well as driving traffic to your web site!

At this point, you may be thinking, "This sounds pretty good, but it also sounds like a lot of hard work." This is why one full chapter will be devoted to methods of making publishing your Ezine simple, with recommendations on software and list management systems that do the work for you.

When you order "Ezine Marketing Magic", you'll receive all of this and much, much more.

Just A Short Sample Of More Of The Information You Will Receive In "Ezine Marketing Magic":

Why am I sharing with you hard earned secrets, and ideas that have taken me years to learn myself? Because I'm a firm believer that what a person gives in this life, is what they will receive. It's foundational in my own business, and is the reason for my own success (along with hard work, that is!). And I believe that mentoring others is one of the most satisfying, rewarding things a person can do.

This eBook is my "gift" back to the world, and the result of learning from many others myself along the way. I've decided to literally 'share the wealth' with you, by giving you the tools to create your own highly successful Ezine. Whether it's the best methods for formatting your Ezine (and the pros and cons of each one), to design methods that increase your own branding in customer minds, and even the types of content that establish your personal expertise, I'll teach you how.

You'll learn what headers to avoid to get past spam filters, and how to create a logo that looks sharp.

I'll even teach you what to include in your table of contents, and where to put it! And how to let readers contact you (and where contact information in your Ezine, to maximize response rates).

I'm Not A Techno Geek, And Not Sure I Can Manage An Email List...

If you've said (or even thought this), I'll show you how to manage an Ezine mail list with methods that anyone and I do mean anyone can follow.

You'll learn about:

It's all here, in "Ezine Marketing Magic." When you order your copy, you'll receive what is literally a complete manual that you can refer to time and time again, that shows you the 'ins and outs' of creating a highly successful (and income producing) Ezine.

Think about it. Each and every time you send out your Ezine, your profits will escalate, if you use the methods I teach you in this information filled eBook.

At this point, you're probably wondering how expensive this is. After all, publishing and marketing information like this normally doesn't come cheap, if you can find it at all.

I'm selling my eBook for an extremely low price; for less than the price of taking a friend out for a good dinner nowadays. But this eBook will give you the tools to pay for a lifetime of dinners (along with your rent, car payment, and other bills) when you use the techniques that I share with you in "Ezine Marketing Magic". You can purchase it for a low price.

30 Days Full Money Back Guarantee!
Ezine Marketing Magic You can download this in a few minutes from now! No waiting! It doesn't matter even if it's 2 AM in the morning!

Within 30 days from the purchase, if you are not satisfied with this for whatever reason, send an email to admin at ebooksa.com and we will refund 100% of your money without asking any questions!

PDF eBook File Type : PDF eBook
Pages : 152
Language : English
File Size : 350 KB
Download Now for only $5
30 days full money-back guaranty!

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Instant download after payment. No waiting!

Short Description: Here's How You Can Start Making Serious Money Right Away By Creating A Simple Little Ezine That Practically 'Forces' Your Customers To Whip Out Their Wallet and Buy Whatever You're Offering! Now You Can Easily Earn A Lot Of Money With Your Very Own...
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