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Gardening for Stress Relief : PDF eBook + Articles +2 ebooks

Gardening for Stress Relief

PDF eBook File Type : PDF eBook + Articles +2 ebooks
Pages : 40
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Stress Is Spiraling Dangerously Out of Control and So Is Prescription Drug Abuse

Learn How to Handle Your Stress Through a Natural Solution That Provides Both Mental and Physical Health Benefits!

The statistics are scary. Time Magazine recently reported that the American Psychology Association is finding a growing number of Americans mired in stress that they label extreme.

It's not possible for us to eliminate all stress forever, but the constant technology and increased demands on our time make it impossible to catch a break and relax, even for a few minutes.

The most at risk individuals are now parents and children, but no one is immune to stress levels that seem impossible to control.

Traditionally, people have tried handling stress on their own. And if things did get a little too chaotic, a temporary prescription could allow someone to ride it out.

But things aren't like that anymore. Prescription drugs are not only being given for the worst cases, but for everyone who has any moderate amount of stress, and it's resulting in an addiction to mind-numbing medication.

You Do Have the Power to Manage Your Stress without Relying on Medications That Can Harm You

In Gardening for Stress Relief, you're going to discover an all natural solution that zaps stress and eliminates the need for you to pop pills on a regular basis.

Gardening sounds like a simple activity, but the benefits are both mental and physical in nature. There are vitamins absorbed through the skin from the sun and beneficialbacteria that thrive in the dirt - both of which help diminish your cortisol levels and help

you handle whatever comes your way.

The Stress-Sleep Connection That Gardening Can Solve in Less Than 30 Minutes a Day!
Have you ever woken up from a horrible night's sleep and immediately hated the world?

For many people, lack of sleep can make or break their day, and it means that whatever stress comes their way, they're unable to handle it.

In Gardening for Stress Relief, you'll begin to understand…

* The Scientific Explanation for How Gardening Impacts Your Sleep Cycles and Helps Eliminate Stress Permanently!

* Why Gardening Trumps Exercise in Helping You Stick to a Program of All Natural Stress Relieving Physical Activity That Sends Cortisol Packing Through Feel Good Hormones!

* How Gardening Contributes to a Peaceful State of Mind That Carries Over to Your Bedtime Ritual and Removes Stress from Your Sleep Equation!

* The Precise Way Gardening Puts Your Sleep Cycles Back on Track after They've Been Derailed by Excessive Amounts of Stress!

* How Gardening Helps Kids Leave the Pressures of the World Behind and Get a Good Night's Sleep!

* Specific Plants You Can Grow in Your Garden to Help You Relax and Unwind at the End of a Hard Day So You Can Drift Off with Ease!

* Why Gardening Has Been Called the #1 Sleep Aid that Trumps Prescription Drugs and Contributes to Your Health from Head to Toe!

Once you start gardening, whether it's on a small micro scale or a large plot of land, you'll begin to see immediate changes in the way that you rest each night. You'll be
amazed at how the combination of vitamin D, fresh air, peace of mind and low impact
physical activity makes you nod off without hesitation.

There are many stressful situations that can cause you to stay awake at night. When
you're tending to a garden, it's easy to put the focus elsewhere and let the troubles melt
away!If You're a Stress Eater, You'll Love What
Gardening Can Do for You!

For many people, the result of excess stress is addiction. Whether it's to prescription
drugs or another vice like overeating, drugs or alcohol, it's detrimental to your health.
The most common form of addiction is food.

It's something everyone has to have to survive, unlike drugs and alcohol, so it becomes
a matter of nutrition choices and portion control. Unfortunately, what happens is that
when stress hits, your mind wants to numb the chaos with comfort food.

In Gardening for Stress Relief, you'll discover…

* Why Chemicals, and Not Will Power, Are to Blame for Your Eating Addiction -
and What You Can Do About It Through the Simple Act of Gardening!

* How Chronic Stress Contributes to Your Waistline and How You Can Combat It
By Growing Even a Small Garden!

* Reasons Why Gardeners Are Expected to Live Up to Five Years Longer Than
Those Who Shop for Their Food in the Grocery Store (Hint: It's a Combination of
Stress Relief and Nutrition Choices)!

* Why Slow Gardening Might Be the Best Option for Stress Eaters, and How You
Can Implement a Plan to Grow One Today!

* What to Grow to Help You End Stress Eating - Even When Space Is Extremely
Limited and You're Tight on Cash!

* Plants You Can Grow That Will Appease Even the Most Stubborn Sweet Tooth -
and Still Provide Ample Nutrients That Curb Your Appetite and Whittle Your Waist!

* Foods You Can Grow That Appease Stress Eaters Who Like to Indulge in
Crunchy or Spicy Foods to Quell Their Anxiety!

* Why Noshing on the Food You Grow Is Mentally More Satisfying Than Shoving

Ice Cream, Candy and Cakes Into Your Mouth During Times of Stress!No longer does food have to control you. When you begin gardening for stress relief,
you start feeding your mental health and your physical needs, too. Even if you only grew
flowers, instead of food, you would benefit from the act of gardening itself.
Grow a Garden for Tranquility as a Safe Haven

Even if sleep and stress eating aren't an issue for you, gardening can help you tap into
your spiritual side and achieve a sense of calm you've previously been unable to

In Gardening for Stress Relief, you'll learn…

* Why Gardeners Have a Lower Stress Level Than Those Who Don't Grow Their
Own Food!

* The Stress Relieving Benefits of Being in Nature That Stem from Hormones to
Color Therapy!

* How Digging in and Unplugging from Technology Can Provide an Instant Brain
Boost with Feel good Hormones All in the Comfort of Your Garden Space!

* The Exact Way Gardening Clears Brain Fog and Helps You Focus More on What
Needs to Be Accomplished!

You can create a special place inside or out, as large or small as you want. From one
tiny bottle to an entire plot of land - and both will give you personal satisfaction that
stress can't compete with.

Grow Your Own Garden and Say Goodbye to
Stress That Stems from Health Issues
Aside from money and relationships, health problems are a common concern for men
and women - and they bring a seemingly insurmountable amount of stress upon you
when they're serious or chronic in nature.

Even if you're battling health woes, growing a manageable garden can help alleviate the
stress you feel in dealing with it. It can also help the caretakers involved with the health
issue, too.

In Gardening for Stress Relief, you'll find out…
* How Digging in the Dirt with a Garden Can Give Your Immune System a Big Boost!

* Why You Want to Garden to Implement the Health Lessons Scientists Learned in
the “Hygiene Hypothesis”

* Superfoods Waiting to Sprout in Your Garden That Can Battle Disease and Help
You Stave Off Illness on a Regular Basis!

Now Is the Take Charge of How Stress Affects You
You can either continue being a victim of stress and letting it rule your life - or you can
do something about it. Medicating yourself to the point of numbness isn't a good

You'll be zapping your emotions all across the board - including the good ones!
Gardening gives your body and mind a chance to refresh itself on a regular basis,
inviting nature into your life and utilizing all of your senses for the maximum amount of
tranquility possible.

The key to gardening for stress relief is to not bite off more than you can chew.
Remember, a garden can always grow in size as you feel capable of handling more. In
the meantime, you'll be able to benefit from even the smallest garden when it comes to
warding off stress.

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PDF eBook File Type : PDF eBook + Articles +2 ebooks
Pages : 40
Language : English
File Size : 376 KB
Download Now for only $5
30 days full money-back guaranty!

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Short Description: Stress Is Spiraling Dangerously Out of Control and So Is Prescription Drug Abuse Learn How to Handle Your Stress Through a Natural Solution That Provides Both Mental and Physical Health Benefits! The statistics are scary. Time Magazine recently....
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